Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I sat next to Dad's bed and watched him sleep. Mom had gone home to get some rest. Anyway, that is what she said. The doctor was supposed to be coming in and Mom didn't want to talk to him. I told her that I would talk to him and then come over to her house. I would be better coming from me.

Mom was sitting in "her" chair when I walked in. Dad's chair sat there empty. I told her that Dad wouldn't be coming home again and she just said, "I know."

So we will all be home for Thanksgiving. My uncle will be here from Ohio in the morning. My son will go to the airport with me to meet my daughter and grandchildren's flight from Arizona. My brother will be here Friday.

Dad was awake when I got back to the hospital. I tried to be upbeat when I told him that everybody was coming to see him. He saw right through me. He said, "I won't be here next year, will I?" And I said, "no, Daddy."

We won't have a "traditional" holiday but it will be a good Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. My parents have had a good marriage and the love that they have shared has been passed on through them to me and to my children and grandchildren. I could not be more blessed.

May each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.


No Sheeples Here! said...

I wept as I read this post. I lost my mom three days after Thanksgiving thirteen years ago.

I bought two Christmas trees this year. It will be the first time in all those years that I will put up a tree.

It took me this long to feel the Christmas spirit again. I believe I understand what you will be feeling.

May God bless you and take you and your mother in the plam of His Hand and comfort you.

Carol said...

Thank you Carol and I am sorry for your loss. The valves in Dad's heart have given out but he is too weak for surgery. We don't have a time frame but whatever it is, we will take advantage of it.

Old Retired Petty Officer said...

May the Lord hold your family close. I lot my Dad on Armistice Day of 1991.
Appropriate for a soldier who is now at Fiddler's Green.
Been there, done that and it is never easy.

Carol said...

Old Retired Petty Officer, thank you for your kind thoughts. My God is a good man who has always lived his faith. When the time comes we will miss him terribly, in many ways I already do, but I know that we will see him again.

Pat Austin said...

I'm with No Sheeples - I cried.

I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Twenty one years ago my Dad went into the hospital the day after Thanksgiving. We lost him on January 3. Liver cancer. I know what you're going through.

My prayers are with you and your family!

kc said...

Tears here, too. Old Retired Petty Officer is my older brother, so you know where I've been, too.