Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Selling Out To Win

Pat Austin writes in "Battle for the Conservative Soul"? that John Cornyn is clinging to his worn out story that the NRSC is backing Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio in the Republican primary race for Mel Martinez’s Senate seat because polls show Crist ahead of Rubio in the race.

The NRSC’s stated reasons are complete nonsense. Read Cornyn’s words carefully:

“Gov. Crist is the strongest candidate that will enable us to hold the seat,” Cornyn told me, “Marco Rubio...[has] a bright future ahead of him, but right now the Mason Dixon poll shows Crist beating him in a primary by 53% to 18%.” By nominating Crist, Cornyn believes, “we won’t have to spend precious resources in Florida” to retain the seat of retiring Sen. Mel Martinez (who has also endorsed Crist).

Is Cornyn conceding that Rubio could beat Crist? Otherwise, where does the “we won’t have to spend precious resources in Florida” fit in? Here’s where, the likely Democratic opponent in the race is Kendrick Meek. Meek represents Florida’s 17th congressional district, far and away Florida’s most liberal district. Mr. Meek picked up the seat from his mother, Carrie Meek, who retired to make room for her son in 2002. In the three elections that he has won; he has never faced an opponent. In the last three Presidential election cycles, Meek’s district has voted for the Democratic candidate by well over 80 %. Meek, is a strong supporter of affirmative action, gay marriage and abortion.

In other words, the Dems are running a far left candidate and the NRSC believes that they will have an easier time of it if the run a left of center Republican. More plainly put, the NRSC doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the party’s platform or conservative values. They are out to win, and win at any cost.

Kendrick Meek will not win the seat. The 17th district is not representative of Florida. We are a conservative state. Further, if the economy continues as it is, wouldn’t the NRSC benefit from a candidate who isn’t tainted by the “stimulus bill” as both Crist and Meek are?

The NRSC has badly miscalculated party politics here in Florida. Take note of how quickly the state party backed down. By the end of the summer I believe the polls will turn around. If the NRSC doesn’t want to waste its precious resources, they need to re-think their position now.

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