Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Link Up

I am running behind on everything and my link up is no exception.

The Daley Gator asks very good question, why does Obama hate the police?

No Sheeples Here checks out The Dead Voter’s Society. Plus I really love the new look!

Smitty says, “I must be an idiot.” We, if you are, we all are, but we’re not and neither are you.

Track-A-’Crat isn’t shedding any tears for New Jersey.

Prof. Jacobson examines Race and Class in Harvard Square.

Cynthia is much to kind to Obama by calling him a “sociopath”

Remember the team water boy in high school? Paco has his adult world equivalent

Say it isn‘t so, the Dem leadership lied to the Blue Dogs?

Stacy McCain says it best, “It won‘t work.”

El Campeador posts on the arrest of Bryant Neal Vinas, American born Al-Qaida recruit.

Pundette has a round up of the best of the best.

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