Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Day, Another Thunderstorm

Via Memeorandum:

My favorite saying is the golden oldie-don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining. Under the current administration, every day is monsoon season.

Today was Attorney General Eric Holder's turn to go singing in the rain. I am no fan of Sen. Lindsey Graham , he managed to stay dry today despite Holder's best efforts.


Per the last post, here’s how “carefully” Holder consulted the law before pulling the trigger on KSM. Not only does Graham have to tell him that there’s no precedent for trying battlefield detainees in civilian court, but Holder’s emphasis on how we don’t need a confession to convict Bin Laden completely misses the larger point Graham’s trying to make. The real worry in a district-court trial isn’t what’ll happen to archterrorists like Osama or KSM, whose perpetual detention is assured; the worry is that those trials will establish precedents that’ll be exploited by lesser jihadis at their own trials later on. KSM won’t be released because the political consequences to the administration are too dire, but what about some other terrorist who’s less well known to the public and whose guilt, while certain to the CIA, is less provable under normal evidentiary rules? A confession in a case like that might be critical — but what if he wasn’t Mirandized before he confessed? What then? That’s Graham’s point, and Holder seems to want nothing to do with it.
Andy McCarthy goes through Holder's testimony point by point. Suffice to say, Holder doesn't fare well. Oddly, the Left, long known for its wussiness, is using the decision to try KSM in a civilian court as a show of bravery, a theme that Holder, tried, and failed to advance:

In a civilian trial, America will see KSM for the coward that he is — Holder: "I am not scared of KSM." Submitting a war criminal to a military commission is not an exercise in fear; it is an exercise in justice. We already know all about what kind of animal KSM is, thanks to the exrtraordinary information that has come out in the military proceedings and the CIA interrogations. You could fill a book a book with it, which the 9/11 Commission did. We don't need to bear the risks of a civilian trial either to learn more about KSM or so Mr. Holder can show how brave he is.
This trial will take years to run through. For the next three years this administration will be spinning away. Keep an umbrella handy.

Smitty gets the "Title of the Day Award" Graham goes jackass hunting, finds Holder, flogging ensues.

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kc said...

It's so obvious why these jackasses need 'civilization.' None of 'em would last a week in the wild...or anywhere else there might not be a Whole Foods Market and a Gap! They are - literally - incapable of fending for themselves in a real world situation.

That's who comes up with intelligent decisions like this, y'know - folks who don't have to worry about REAL trouble. They've become so isolated and insulated that they're dangerous to the civilization they worship.