Thursday, November 12, 2009

Greetings From Orlando!

Well I made it! We're about thirty minutes away from the arrival of the Tea Party Express but the crowd is already fired up.

No sign of Stacy yet but in this crowd I'm not sure I'll be able to hunt him down.

The speakers have started so I'll be back later.

Here's a few pictures I've taken. More to come.

The one lone counter-protester. Too bad he didn't have any friends to bring along but I admire his determination.

Lone protester is now walking through the crowd looking for offensive posters to take pictures of.

He looks disappointed.

Looks like a wolf in a sheep's clothing.

Reminds me of a song from my mis-spent youth-"Smiling Faces".

This group of young people from The Young Conservatives of Central Florida.

It makes me happy to see young people getting involved. These are the people who will be most affected by the choices that our politicians are making.

More soon.

Yours truly with Lloyd Marcus. The crowd went absolutely nuts when he sang the Tea Party Anthem. Marcus is a great entertainer and a really nice guy.

And speaking of great guys...

I found Stacy!

Um, is it just me or do Stacy and I have UFOs flying over our heads?

That is Andrea Shea King with us. Very nice lady. Check her out at Radio Patriot.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures:

All and all it was a good day. Stacy told me that seven thousand people RSVP'd for the event and he estimated that there were over four thousand there. I am exhausted but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I will sleep well tonight knowing that there are so many people who care about what is going on in this country and are dedicated to putting us back on the right track.


AmPowerBlog said...

American Power tracked-back with, 'Orlando Tea Party: Friends and Patriots Stand for Liberty'.

Mike said...

Sorry I missed meeting you, Carol. The great thing about the movement is that there'll always be a 'next time.'

commoncents said...

Awesome post - I really like your blog!!

ps. Link Exchange?

Pat Austin Becker said...

Those aren't UFOs - they're halos! I see that Stacy's is crooked, but oh well. ;)

Carol said...

Good catch, Pat!