Monday, November 16, 2009

Can We Cut the Racist Crap?

What is with the Left and this racist crap? Honestly, I'm over it. It seems that no matter what any Conservative does or says everything boils down to race as far as the Moonbats are concerned.

Well here we go again. Sarah Palin is a racist because her co-author Lynn Vincent is a racist because she co-wrote a book with Stacy McCain who everybody knows is a racist. Thursday night I hugged Stacy McCain so I'm a racist. Done deal.

Not so much. Ben Smith concludes that, well actually, Lynn Vincent isn't a racist but he left the accusation against Stacy hang out there. Why? Is it too difficult for a reporter of Smith's stature to investigate accusations prior to printing them?

Stacy had this to say about this tripe:

One of the things I have sought to avoid over the years is the "some of my best friends" defense. If my friends are aware of these attacks, they will defend me. If they are unaware of the attacks, it would be wrong to involve them in a dispute that is not of their concern. My enemies are my enemies, and I would do my friends no favors by siccing my enemies on them, so as to expose my friends to these guilt-by-association attacks.
Stacy treated me like a friend long before we met Thursday night so I'm going to put this in real simple terms: jump off.

Anybody who has a problem with Conservative values man up and debate those values. I defy anyone to show anything about our values that are racist in anyway. But I'll tell you this, there is plenty that is racist about "progressive" values. So stop the projecting.

Incidentally, Smith wrote this:

*UPDATE: Edited for clarity. And McCain disputes his critics' characterization of his views on race.

Mighty white of him.

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kc said...

RE: your last line -- hahahahahahahaha!!!

Bob Belvedere said...

Mighty white of him.

ZING!!! [that's gotta hurt]