Friday, November 27, 2009

Pity the Poor Pervert, He Has Suffered So

When it comes to hyperbolic bullsh*t, this takes the cake:

I am mostly thinking about him: Roman Polanski whom I don't know but whose fate has moved me so much. Nothing will repair the days he has spent in prison. Nothing will erase the immense, unbelievable injustice he has been subjected to. Nothing will take away the hysteria of those ones who have never stopped pouring contempt upon him, hounding him through hatred and asking for his punishment as if we were living the darkest and most ferocious hours of the McCarthysm era all over again. At least, the nightmare is about to end. At least the end of the hell is looming. And this, for the time being, is what does matter.

Why yes, throwing child rapists in jail is so barbaric-worse, déclassé. Afterall, nothing smacks of McCarthysm like holding someone accountable for anally raping a thirteen year old.


Glenn Mark Cassel said...

The sympathizer should feel lucky. A vigilance committee didn't get to polanski first. 3-7-77

Anonymous said...

Maybe every one of us who feel this way should send Roman a copy of the movie "Hard Candy."