Sunday, November 22, 2009

Executing Nidal Hassan

Jeralyn at TalkLeft thinks that executing Nidal Hasan would be "barbaric":

Major Nidal Hasan had his first hearing in the Ft. Hood murder case. The hearing was held in the hospital. His lawyer says he is paralyzed from the chest down, incontinent and in severe pain.

He will be tried in a military court, and additional charges may be pending. Military prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty.
How barbaric that the military will seek to kill a man with no sensation in his body from the chest down. He might prefer it (I certainly would) but it's inexusable behavior for a civilized society and way beyond the pale of decency.
Of course Jeralyn left a little something out of that screed. Hasan was paralyzed while he was murdering 14 people and wounding another 28. His actions were barbaric and beyond the pale but we don't hear one word about Hasan's actions from TalkLeft. If anything is inexcusable, it is the misplaced sympathy for Hasan.

h/t Legal Insurrection

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