Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merriment abounds!

Does anyone actually take seriously the rumors of Obama facing a primary challenge? It is nothing but talk from a bunch of spoiled Leftists who are so inbred that they believe they can influence policymaking by making empty threats. The overwrought Lefty/Loony comment of the day (emphasis mine):

It's over. This was the last straw.  (Note to commenter-Obama has two years to go. No way this was the last straw.  Hee.)

If he wants to run in 2012, let him run as a republican which is what he is now that the facade he wore in 2008 has come off.

Health care reform? Yeah, right. Didn't even consider the only real solution which is Medicare for all. We were duped into thinking we'd have a public option but that didn't happen either.

Bank reform? Yeah, right. Investigations into fraud and criminal activity? None. Breaking them up so they aren't too big to fail? Nope. Nothing. A joke all around.

Closing Guantanamo? Another lie.

Investigations into previous administration war crimes? Didn't want to look back - the law only applies to the little people.

Ending the wars? Still 50k troops in Iraq and escalated involvement with the hopelessly corrupt Afghanistan government. Another con job.

Green jobs investments? Another promise that never happened.

I could go on, but I've made the point.

Democrats had better get rid of this republican masquerading as a democrat and get someone who represents progressives or get out of town. We don't need two conservative parties in this country.
Ah, yes-Obama has come out of the Conservative closet. He’s a DINO. Next thing you know we’ll find out that “Community Organizer” is code for “Venture Capitalist”. Pinch me, I think I’ve died and gone to Everyone is a Comedian heaven.

No boys and girls, Obama doesn’t ride unicorns. The seas do not part as he nears. He did not descend from Mt. Olympus. Barack Hussein Obama is a politician, though not a very bright or skilled one at that. He made promises during his campaign that any reality based sentient should have known were unkeepable. Even Obama himself seems hacked that the dolt filled masses fell for his lines.

So who would they run against Obama-Howard “The Scream” Dean? Make my day. Over a Crooks and Liars a commenter suggested Dean, Sanders or Grayson. Make my millennium. Nope, the Left is stuck with Obama and him with them. The upside is that until recently the Left gave me high blood pressure and ulcers but now they provide endless hours of entertainment. Whine on.


LibertyAtStake said...

I take the talk of a primary challenge from the Left seriously precisely because Leftists are "spoiled brats" who know no bounds to their Hubris. Sorry, Barry, you are yesterday's shiny toy for the brat pack.

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