Friday, December 31, 2010

There's a new boogie man in town

Want to scare the bejesus out of a "progressive"?  Sidle up to one and whisper those two magic words that turn grown Lefties into thumb-sucking, mewling, rubber pants wearing little crybabies:  Paul Ryan.

And here’s one coming up, now: the incoming House majority will be establishing a rule that will give the House Budget chair the ability to set the spending ceiling for any 2011 budget. This rule is currently causing House Democrats to freak out like koalas deprived of their eucalyptus leaves/junkies deprived of their heroin/hipsters deprived of their iPhones, for two reasons:

•The Democrats never passed a budget in 2010, so this is going to affect spending for this fiscal year. A lot.

•Who is going to be the House Budget chair? Why, Rep. Paul “Embrace the sweet pain that comes from cutting entitlements” Ryan.
And when I say “freak out,” I mean freak out: the Democrats are so upset about this that they’ve lost all control of their higher brain functions and have reverted to babbling about Social Security privatization. And unilateralism! We haven’t heard that one in a while.

Heh.  Winning is always good but this time it is absolutely dee-lish-ous!  The Dems set this up by failing to pass a budget and now the Republicans hold the checkbook.  More specifically, a true fiscal conservative holds the checkbook.  Let the heads commence exploding.