Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We need more of this!

I saw this earlier and Fox & Friends so when I saw a link at Weasel Zippers I just had to post it.  The narrative via Freedom's Lighthouse:

CBS NEWS: . . . . Here’s what happened: Buyer this afternoon asked Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson of California, who is acting as speaker, to yield time for him to speak on a veterans bill. Richardson refused, prompting Buyer to ask sarcastically, “as a sitting member of the House, the speaker chooses not to recognize another sitting member, is that correct?”

Richardson responds that the decision on recognizing Buyer is up to the speaker – that is, her. An increasingly frustrated Buyer replies that she is choosing not to recognize a ranking Republican member dispute the fact that isn’t anyone on the floor to object to his request.

“This is why the American people have thrown you out of power,” he says to Richardson. He then begins walking around the chamber angrily, throwing down a folder and muttering that Democrats are wasting time despite the fact that there are many things to be done, including repeal of the health care reform bill.

When Buyer returns to the microphone, Richardson changes course, yielding Buyer one minute to speak. He responds sarcastically, “wow.”

“Was treating another member with dignity so hard, madam speaker? I don’t believe it was,” he says. . . . Read More

We hear an awful lot about Republican "obstruction" to which I say obstruct away.  Our Republican congressmen should say "No" when bad bills are being forced down our throats.  What we don't hear enough about is the dirty tactics employed by Democrats.  Acting Speaker Richardson was acting like a jerk for no other reason other than because she could and Rep. Buyer called her on it.  Good for him.