Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back online

The kids are at their new school today and I am back online.  I haven't even turned the 'puter on since Monday and as a result my inbox is stuffed to the gills.  It has been a great couple of days.  Yesterday was a picnic at the park that included a stone skipping contest that I lost badly and then we were off to see Harry Potter.  I'm tired and broke but incredibly happy.  Andre works for the government and I know that if the government needs him somewhere else they will be off again.  It is hard to be separated but I am proud of Andre's service and thankful that my daughter and grandchildren have such a wonderful man in their lives.  For the foreseeable future they'll be home and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

P.S.  Jeremy caught a fish in the canal that runs behind their house.  I have been informed that from now on Friday nights are "fish fry" night.  I love catching them, don't mind cleaning them, but I hate eating them.  Oh well, it is nice to see traditions from my youth repeated.