Monday, November 29, 2010

The grandkids are home!

I may be only fifty-two years old but right now my legs are feeling twice that.  Reason?  My grandkids got in yesterday afternoon so today was Zoo Day!  Commonsense aside, I'm pretty sure I walked a hundred miles today.  Among the animals encountered today was one very amorous giraffe who took quite the shine to me.  I backed as far away from him as I could but once I ran out of room, well, let's just say giraffes having amazingly long tongues.  

The big hit of the day was the stingrays.  Stingrays are in abundance here in Florida but the kids had never petted one before.  These stingrays are accustomed to people so they would come right up and let the kids play with them.  One particular baby stingray was really enjoying the attention.  Once Livvie got over her initial hesitation she and "Baby" had a great time.  I had to explain to her that these rays are not the same as the wild rays the swim in the canal behind their house and that it would better if she didn't try to play with any back there.

I can't believe they are home.  We had originally thought that they were going to Hawaii.  In any case, I think Andre has to report to MacDill on Wednesday and the kids have to get enrolled in school so things will settle down shortly.  In the mean time we are making up for two and a half years of being apart.  The last time we went on a picnic the raccoons stole our food.  It will probably happen again tomorrow.  It's kinda half the fun.

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Don Surber said...

Took your grandkids to the zoo. What did you get for them? (I would have held out for $50).

Seriously, enjoy them while you can.