Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can you hear us now?

I met a wonderful woman while sign waving this morning. She was informed, intelligent, passionate, funny and boy oh boy, was she pissed at the Republican Party.  I meet people like her at every event I attend.  There's no doubt that today's election is a referendum on the Obama administration but if the Republican party thinks that is all it is they are in for one big rump roast from a whole lot of former Republicans.  Dan Riehl writes:

The scalp taking doesn't end on November 2. But they really don't understand that. They think they're simply seeing a surge thanks to Obama. If they genuinely understood the depth of anger focused more on them, than, say, specific support for Palin, they'd realize they won't really be on offense in the sense they believe they will be after election day.

It isn't simply about Palin. Taken as a whole, the people coming for this particular GOP establishment are less invested in protecting, or pushing, Sarah Palin, than they are determined to take them down. Palin supporters are only one brigade of a much larger army that has no intentions of standing down post-November.
Simply put, the days of top down party power are over.  At a recent townhall Mike Prendergast was asked what is the greatest threat to our country.  He had a single word answer, "Complacency."  We have paid, and will continue to pay, for our complacency.  We know the price.  It stops now.

I still don't get the sense that our party leaders "get it".   When I hear Mitch McConnell say, "We need to have a humble, grateful response about this election." my jaw clenches.  McConnell doesn't seem to understand that we have an agenda and it is his job to forward it.  He still believes that we should accept whatever comes down the pike because The Party knows best.  That dog isn't gonna hunt.

I have invested a lot years in the Republican party.  Being a Republican is central to who I am.  I don't want to see the party torn apart but if the party doesn't change it will not survive in any meaningful form.  Will the party get the message?  We'll soon find out.

I've got a party to get ready for.  Good luck to everyone tonight.  Don't forget that Prof. Jacobson is doing live coverage today and Stacy is partying with Marco tonight.

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