Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reach around

Sure, if your name is Vladimir Putin.

Ever get the feeling that liberals are just unteachable?

Make mine a double.

But hold the bitters and sugar.  And pour, don't measure.

That Hitler fellow is one testy little Fuher.
Oh how I love a good meltdown!
Ahhhhh!  The sweet smell of "sucks for you"!
Why does it have to be so hard to not be cocky while I'm gloating?
I told you that Global Warming is a good thing.
Average temperature in Tampa in November = 78 degrees.  Current temperature in Tampa = 58 degrees.  I want my warming stat!
Marco Rubio: Republicans screwed up
Isn't it nice to know that somebody gets it?
Yeah, he'll work with us except when he doesn't.
Not holding my breath.
Sadly, the Left doesn't have a patent on idiocy.
We certainly have our share of slow learners.
Bloomberg:  Voters are illiterate.
Voters:  But we know how to spell S-E-E Y-A!
Apparently, Some Members of the GOP Liked Being in the Minority.
Maybe someone should remind them that in just two years we'll be culling the herd again.
When was the last time you heard anyone describe Olbermann as "objective"?
I don't remember the exact date but I believe that was the year that Russia launched Sputnick for the first time.
I can believe it.
Brought to you by the proud sponsors of turtle tunnels.

Some people have more issues than others.

When it comes to issues I get the feeling that Obama is a bottomless pit.


Tastes like chicken?

The man in the mirror.

Yeah, I don't think Obama is really in to introspection.

Sure, that's the problem!

Let's watch Obama go more liberal and see how that works out.

Is David Frum still around?

I want a job where I get paid for getting everything wrong.

The popcorn is popped and extra beer is on hand!

Nancy Pelosi:  The gift that just keeps giving.


When Hell freezes over.

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