Friday, November 26, 2010

Just thinking out loud (although I'm old enough to know better)

I've been ruminating on this post for a couple days.  The other day Prof. Jacobson asked his readers their thoughts on Tim Pawlenty.  He began by writing this:

One of my theories is that the best chance to defeat Obama in 2012 is to make the election about Obama, not about the Republican candidate. The Obama record is so abysmal, and the Obama aura so shattered, that 2012 could be a repeat of 2010.

Each of the current top 4 Republican contenders (Palin, Romney, Newt, Huckabee) has issues of public perception which would make the race, to varying degrees, about the Republican.
I want 2012 to be about issues and solutions and I want my next president to be Obama's polar opposite. 

Obama did not win the presidency based on his record.  During his scant time in office prior to running he had intentionally avoided creating a record.  Obama did not win the presidency based on his accomplishments.  He had none.  Barack Obama is our president because he built a cult of personality backed up by pithy but meaningless platitudes.  He was the Wizard of Oz and fifty-three percent of the voting public was too busy shouting, clapping and yes, crying, to look behind the damn curtain. 

So what brings me to this little rant?  I keep hearing that Pawlenty is too "plain Jane" to be president.  It seems like everyone wants a little zippity in their doo da.  Really?  When did pizazz become the deciding factor in presidential elections?  I'm not saying that personality and leadership are mutually exclusive but I sure don't want an electorate that is so blinded by the former that they ignore the latter.

The next race should be about record, record, record.  Obama's disastrous record versus the proven
record for the republican candidate.  If any of the four mentioned by Jacobson are the candidate the race will end up being about so much more and the message (and the opportunity) will be lost. 

I have no idea who I'll be for in a few months.  We have some great conservative "young guns" and I would be thrilled to see Cantor or Ryan in the VP slot.  I've made no secret of my support for Marco Rubio but I need to see how he is going perform as a senator before I can feel comfortable about him in a higher office.

Time to bottom line it.  I don't need a candidate who sends a thrill up my leg.  I want someone with a record of accomplishment.  I want an anti-Obama.

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Fuzzy Slippers said...

hear, hear! I want anti-Obama, too. And definitely not any of the four "distractions" mentioned by Prof. Jacobson. I want someone who will win, not someone who might win if only . . . .