Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It lives!

Yes, the gift that keeps giving will be gracing us with her presence for another two years

The soon to be former Speaker of the House has been elected to serve as Minority Leader in the House.  (Suddenly the words "former" and "minority" are my new favorite words.) 

I can't think of anyone more suited to be the face of the Democratic Party than our girl Nancy.  Sadly, Nan's descent to Minority Leader wasn't quite as smooth as her well botoxed forehead.  She was challenged for the position by Heath Shuler (D) NC and 43 of his fellow Dems agreed that she might not be the sugar and spice that their party needs after their election drubbing.

So keep that frozen smile on your face, Nan, and remember, thanks to your esteemed leadership there will be alot more room to stretch out and get comfortable on your side of the aisle come January.

Paco suggests that under Nan's continued expert tutelage  Dems may soon be able to carpool.  We can hope.


Anonymous said...

It's alive!

Kara Schmidt said...

Awe - does this mean she loses her own jet too?