Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA: Enforcing equality by treating all of us equally like crap

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Mark Hemmingway has an immodest proposal:

The President and his family — preferably with DHS Secretary Janet “The system worked” Napolitano — should show up at Dulles or Reagan airport on a weekday with a camera crew in tow, as airport pat downs are typically done in full view of hundreds of travelers. All of America will to see the TSA handling the President’s crown jewels. Then a rubber-gloved federal agent will run his hands all over his wife and daughter’s privates while he watches. Then I want him to turn to the camera and tell all of America that this is no big deal and we should all be good citizens and comply with the necessary security procedures.

It only seems fair.

Well, I guess “fair” don’t feed the puppy. The One and his family are not subject to the rules of mere mortals and neither, it would appear, are Muslim women, who according to CAIR, should be exempt from TSA feel-ups on religious grounds. I have no such qualms. I simply prefer to pick and chose whom I allow to get touchy feely, and call me old fashioned, but I refuse to be groped unless I’ve been treated to a decent dinner and movie first. A girl has to have standards.
It has been pointed out numerous times that Israel, a country with a permanent bull's eye on it, feels no compulsion to subject its citizens to intrusive security measures.  The Israelis know who their enemies are and they concentrate their efforts on those who would do them harm.  Our government can't even admit that we have enemies much less bring themselves to name them.  As a result we have three year olds molested in airports with the full approval of the United States government. 
The insanity has filtered down to Florida.  We have a huge problem with illegal aliens here.  Our state doesn't want to be accused of "profiling" when issuing driver's licenses so it has instituted a new set rules for everyone in the state that ensures that we will all be inconvenienced together without regard to citizenship, national origin or common sense.  In January, when I renew my license, I will be required to provide the state with a long list of documents, including a certified copy of my marriage license, a document I gleefully burned twenty-eight years ago.  I will be required to do this despite the fact that I have been a legal resident and driver in this state for over twenty-five years.  This all speaks to government's unwillingness to deal with specific problems.
So we will jump through hoops and suffer indignities while travelling, whether flying cross-country or just driving in our own damn state.  We won't be any safer and illegals will continue to pour across our borders but the government rulemakers will remain smug in the knowledge that they have treated us all equally.  Equally like crap.

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Anonymous said...

This HAS to be hurting the Airline (and Tourism)industries.
As a Canadian, I will not be making any travel plans that include a) a US based airline b) stops in US hubs and airports
This hasn't anything to do with my feelings towards the US; I just don't want to be subjected to the indignities you describe, or the apparent risk of travelling on American aircraft.
I should add that I (we) also refuse to travel to Mexico due to the violence and apparent corruption of Government and Law enforcement there. Way to many Canadian tourists dying down there...