Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What now?

Well, today we celebrate.  We have earned it.  First, via Instapundit Alex Sink has conceded!  I am almost sorry that I took the day off from work.  The looks on a few of my co-worker's faces must have been delicious when Sink pulled the plug earlier today.  Why yes, I am gloating. 

All and all it was a great night for my state.  We swept the governorship and cabinet as well taking large majorities in both state senate and house.  And what about our Marco!  When I first started talking to people about Marco running for the Senate polite people stifled a smile and everyone else laughed in my face.  Over and over again I was told that there was no way that Marco Rubio could beat Charlie Crist.  Congratulations, Senator Rubio!  Now in the words of my new governor, "Let's get to work."

There is one race that I am profoundly disheartened about.  Mike Prendergast will not be my representative in Congress.  We had a clear choice here between the ninth most liberal member of the House and a true conservative who has dedicated his life to the service of our country.  What we didn't have was a "machine".  Even at that, Mike won forty percent of the vote.  He did it by listening to the voters and presenting them with workable solutions to the problems facing us.  He ran a good and honorable campaign.  I am proud of Mike and proud to support him.  He can count on my support whatever the future brings.

No doubt that Marco is the man of the hour.  Enjoy his acceptance speech.  If you don't tear up at least a couple of times you are heartless.  A special thank you to all my friends at Not One Red Cent who rallied around Marco from the beginning and to my sisters at Potluck who each and everyone are a great source of pride and inspiration to me.  To Pres. Obama, well, Michelle Malkin said it best, "Take your olive branch and shove it, Democrats."

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot-goodbye, Nancy Pelosi!  Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

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