Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In “it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” news

Yesterday I said that I hope the people of Orlando realize that they are better than Alan Grayson. Well, it seems that they have:

Justice: Webster up 7 over Grayson

Actually, justice would be too strong of a word. Justice, in this case, would be Alan Grayson falling 27 points behind Dan Webster after the smears that the Democrat from Florida has conducted in his desperate bid to cling to power. But take heart; the latest Sunshine State Poll was conducted mainly before the smear in the “Taliban Dan” ad was exposed and widely condemned, which means Grayson may still be hurtling downward:

In one of the most closely watched U.S. House races in the nation, Republican Daniel Webster now holds a 7-point lead over Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson in Central Florida’s 8th Congressional District, according to a new Sunshine State News Poll.

Webster, a former state senator, leads the freshman congressman 43-36 in the survey of 559 likely voters conducted Sept. 25-27. TEA (“Taxed Enough Already”) Party candidate Peg Dunmire drew 6 percent and NPA hopeful George Metcalfe garnered 3 percent, while 9 percent remained undecided (2 percent cited “other” and 1 percent refused to state).

Digging deeper, the numbers look even worse for Grayson as 51 percent of respondents said they had an unfavorable view of the Orlando-area congressman.
Yeah, but how is Grayson doing with women voters? Uh, oh! Turns out that they despise him. I mean they really, really do not like him a LOT. Too bad.

But while we’re on the subject of nice guys, how’s our boy Charlie doing these days? Let’s look:

Florida Dems aim death blow at Charlie Crist
Oh no! How could this happen? Don’t they realize that he is one of them now? Guess not:

The Florida Democratic Party is throwing money behind a crushing new ad that reminds Democrats and independents of Crist’s past as a partisan Republican, cutting together clips of the governor praising George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, talking up offshore drilling and calling himself “a Jeb Bush Republican.”

The clips of Crist come one by devastating one: “I’m about as conservative as you can get,” he says in the opening video. In another: “President Bush – he is a leader of courage and conviction.” In a third: “I was impressed at Gov. Palin being picked. I watched her speech today. I was very impressed.”
It must be tough to be a man without a party. But then again, Charlie does have that highly coveted Teamsters endorsement. Heh.

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