Sunday, September 19, 2010

There is a new rule in play

Have you heard the latest? Christine O'Donnell "dabbled" in witchcraft in her youth! Unimpressed? Yeah, me too. Heck, from ages eighteen to twenty I was a Democrat. Really. We all did stupid things in our youth and then we grew up. I mean, I assume that Obama no longer does cocaine or hangs out with Marxist professors (unless they've been invited to a beer summit, of course).

In any case I fail to see the big deal. Being a witch (sic) certainly hasn't hurt certainly hasn't Madams Pelosi and Boxer.

Dems, and apparently some establishment Republicans, are desperate to talk about anything other than O'Donnell's stands on the issues. Those of us in the hoi polloi class care about things like taxes and Cap & Trade. Our betters, who are now leading the Leftist charge against O'Donnell, care more about who would fit in at the Cotillion than nonsense like voting records. Oh, they say that they would vote for O'Donnell if they could but something doesn't quite ring true. Maybe it is their willingness to play waterboy for the other side.

If, like me, you are sick to death of hearing about the Buckley Rule, Prof. Jacobson suggests something a bit more appropriate to the times-The Lombardi Rule:

And we call the Democrats elitist snobs? Stop being so damn selfish. November is not about who was right or wrong in the primaries. If Castle had won, O'Donnell supporters would have rallied around him, or at least kept their mouths shut.

Quin Hillyer and Mary Katherine Ham have advised that there not be a conservative blog war, because we have more important things to do right now. Fine, the perps have been called out already and it is time to rally around the effort.

Now that the general election primary is over, so too is the Buckley Rule. Please take notice that the Lombardi Rule is in effect:

“The object is to win fairly, by the rules – but to win.”
So [names of conservative blogs and pundits still dumping on O'Donnell deleted], get over it and get to work defeating Democratic rubber-stamp hack Chris Coons.

Because, as Hillyer says, "[w]e are fighting for our country here."

And winning that fight in November is all that matters.
Sounds about right to me. I love a good fight and while I'd rather save my focus for those on the Left I can broaden my view. But if winning is what we are about then let's join together and win.

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