Friday, September 17, 2010

That darn Charlie

From today's Tampa Bay Online:

Gov. Charlie Crist and Jim Greer, the disgraced former chairman of the Florida Republican Party, took family vacations on party money, an audit released today shows.

The two men and their families vacationed at Disney World in June 2009 and put the $13,435.99 bill on the party's American Express credit card, the audit found. Greer also took three personal vacations to fashionable Fisher Island near Miami Beach, one including Crist, at a cost of $10,992.17, auditors reported.

Greer also charged $5,616.79 for his son's baptism in May 2009 to the party, the report showed.

In another instance, the men's wives arrived in New York City two days before a party fundraiser in September 2009 and charged nearly $1,600 to the party credit card on hotel and related expenses
That darn Charlie is quite the scamp, isn't he?  Good thing he'll never see the inside of the Senate chamber.  If he treated the taxpayer's money the way he treated the party's money we would all be in trouble.

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