Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What NOW lacks in a sense of irony they more than make up for with over the top hypocrisy

More and more I am coming to believe that hypocrisy would not be so rampant on the Left if the poor dears simply possessed an irony gene. My friend, this is as fine an example as you will ever see:

NOW to deliver 1,500 baby bottle nipples to former Sen. Simpson
One assumes that the high priestesses of abortion will not be stocking this little stunt from their own cupboards.

The group is dubbing its effort a delivery of 1,500 "Tits for an Ass."

Several liberal lawmakers and activist groups, including NOW, last month called on Obama to remove Simpson from his post after he wrote an e-mail to a leader of a women's group calling Social Security "a milk cow with 300 million tits."
I’ve been assured that the women of NOW are very, very intelligent so I am sure that if properly informed even they can grasp the irony of their position. Social Security is funded through payroll taxes. However, workers do not pay for their own benefits-they pay the benefits of current retirees. During times like these when older people are retiring earlier and living longer while younger people are entering the job market later and in fewer numbers and unemployment and underemployment are high, less and less goes in to “the fund” while more and more gets paid out.

Back to NOW’s beef with Simpson:

“The Fiscal Commission should be led by someone who will actually try to address the federal budget deficit, instead of using it as an excuse to undermine Social Security by cutting benefits or raising the retirement age,” O'Neill added. “Alan Simpson is not that person.”
By “address the federal budget deficit” NOW means “raise taxes”. If cutting benefits and raising the retirement age are off the table the amount that the fund takes in must be increased. That can be achieved by increasing payroll taxes or increasing the number of people who pay in to the system. Thanks to the efforts of NOW, the birthrate in this country has fallen. We simply are not producing additional workers.

Bottom line: NOW helped create the Social Security shortfall. I believe that is called irony.

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