Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who needs elections?

There is a lesson to be learned from the O'Donnell primary win in Delaware-the voters are idiots and can not be trusted to chose their own representatives.  Obviously fifty-three percent of the Republicans in Delaware have no idea what they have done but fear not, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthhamer and the gentlemen of the Old Boys Club NRSC will set them straight even if it means they hand the Senate seat to the Marxist Coons on a silver platter.  Who in their right mind would listen to "the people", ignorant rabble rousers one and all, when they could so benefit from the guidance of John Cornyn & Co.  After all, it was the NRSC who backed Charlie "Me, Me, Me" Crist in the the Florida republican race for Senate.   Oh, bad example.  Anyway it is clear that we can't have the electorate running about willy nilly making important decisions concerning their own lives.  Let's just do away with elections and allow our betters to what they do best-ignore us.  Ruling by fiat, baby!  That's where its at.

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