Sunday, September 26, 2010


Liberalism is a mental illness. A bit harsh? How else would you explain this:

MALLOY: Her father and her father's puppet George at the very least allowed, at the very worst engineered the worst attack on this country since the War of 1812, and she has the audacity to make this kind of a statement. "Americans expect our President to do everything possible to defend the nation from attack." Where was your father after he deliberately authorized a stand-down, on a day and a time when he knew there was going to be an effort made to attack this country? I don't know why I give this psychopathic misdirected woman, you ought to be there planning your father's funeral, Liz, because I'm sure all the nation's bigwigs, especially the Republicans are going to fall all over themselves to worship in front of his coffin. That's what you ought to be doing instead of making your filthy, insane, gratuitous statements about what the American people expects their president or an administration to do to protect us from terrorist attack. Shame on you, Liz Cheney. Go plan your father's funeral. Just do that. Do at least one thing in your useless life that will have some meaning. Go plan his funeral.

At first I planned to place part of that quote in “bold” but the whole damn thing is so incredibly nutso that I didn’t know which part to emphasize most. I’m not saying that everyone on the Left is completely batsh*t crazy, some just aren’t very clear thinkers, but there does seem to be a pattern among the more prominent sufferers of Liberaltosis:

A misplaced sense of self-superiority
A stunted sense of humor
A penchant for thuggery and racism
A marked inability to be truthful and an affection for skeeviness
The use of inappropriate terms for co-workers
An unnatural attraction to Botox
An all around nasty disposition

The above symptoms are obviously not all inclusive. Those who suffer from Liberaltosis may exhibit the symptoms one at a time or several in unison. In any case, keep your distance. They aren't contagious but they tend to reek of staleness.

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JeremyR said...

Carol, I have always defined a liberal as some one who takes indecent liberties with the constitution.