Friday, September 17, 2010

Who is up for a rousing game of doublespeak?

George Orwell is alive and well and working in the Obama Administration where he is simply as "John". Nice Deb:

Granted, people were already using “climate change” to describe changes in the earth’s climate, (otherwise known as weather). But that wasn’t scary-sounding enough, I guess. “Change” is generally thought of in neutral to positive terms. Sometimes the climate changes, and we say, “Good, it’s been too cold lately, I’m glad it’s warming up.” “Disruption”, however, sounds rude and undesirable. Who wants a weather disruption – like a hurricane, or hail storm? Nobody.
Seems to be a whole lot of doublespeak going on the last couple of years. You know, "man made disasters" and the like. Since it is all about perception rather than reality I would like to propose that we quit using the term "illegal aliens" which implies that our friends have done something wrong by invading our country and instead we should refer to them as "unexpected company". Isn't that much nicer? I'm sure if we all try we can find a better way to say almost anything. Anyone want to take a stab at Crap & Tax Cap & Trade?

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