Thursday, September 9, 2010

When exercising your rights are indistinguishable from making an ass at of yourself

For a moment Rev. Terry Jones knocked Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf off of the headlines.  Frankly, they strike me as two peas in a pod.  Neither seems to be able to distinguish between right and wrong and neither seems to realize that while exercising their rights they are making complete asses out of themselves. 

First to Rev. Jones.  Burning books, any books, is for want of a better term, lame.  It gives the impression that the burner is not smart enough to counter the message of the book and therefore in their feebleness believe that they can simply destroy the message by fire.  Well alrighty.

But the good Rev. Jones has cancelled the big event on the assurances that the Ground Zero Mosque will be moved to another location.  Before I had the chance to contact Jones with a wonderful deal on my swamp waterfront property, the Imam Rauf responded.  In short he said, "Pound sand, Sucka!"

 And speaking of the good Imam Rauf, it seems he has gone back to calling the mosque "Cordoba House", hmm, and making somewhat less than veiled threats against we infidels if the mosque doesn't go up at the Ground Zero location.  So, that location does have some special significance for peace loving Muslims everywhere?

There has been no shortage of people willing to make asses of themselves lately.  Why the media even weighed in on the doings of a podunk church in the swamps of Florida is beyond me unless they simply wanted to stoke some flames and maybe talk about something other than the spanking that the Dems are going to get come November.  In either case, the media has the right to push any story they wish but they might wish to check their ulterior motives at the door.

I note that our president, Sec. Gates and Gen. Petraus have all weighed in on the book burning.  Again, well within their rights.  However, the conversations have seemed mighty one sided.  I think it is perfectly wise to point out that no one was killed over "Piss Christ" or our blessed Virgin Mary being smeared with dung.  I doubt a riot would break out should a mosque decide to burn our Bible.  We are expected to behave in a civil manner and we do.  Yet, if Muslims act savagely it is our fault.  They bear no responsibility for their actions whatsoever.  Great gig if you can get it.

 I'm glad the Quran won't be burned on 9/11.  I found it both distasteful and embarrassing.  However, the burning of Qurans or any other slight, real or imagined, doesn't absolve Muslims from civilized behavior.  The "Blame American First" crowd, which includes our president, has the right to demonize our great country if they wish.  That doesn't mean it is the right thing to do.

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