Friday, November 26, 2010

Too much of a good thing

Judging from the comments that Pundette is getting I may well regret this but here goes-dear Pundette, you are sooooooooooo right:

Her face and voice are everywhere. She engages every critic. I'm getting tired of her the way a consumer gets tired of an over-advertised product or a commercial that plays four times an hour. She's exacerbating my counter-will. Enough already. Remember what familiarity breeds.
Anymore when I think of Sarah Palin I think of the line from P.S. Your Cat is Dead, “…do you have any unuttered thoughts at all?” And I like Palin.

Palin has become a 24/7 commodity. As Pundette says, she is everywhere-always. Seriously, can anybody name anyone else with as much exposure? We know that Palin’s critics are going to attack her at every turn. Why keep the cycle going?
I like how Palin shakes things up, her straightforwardness and her ability to inject commonsense in to the political landscape. I like that she drives Liberals crazy. It is unlikely that I would vote for her in a primary but I would certainly support her in a general election if it came to that. She would probably be higher on my list if she weren’t so annoyingly everpresent.

We’ve got a few months (too few in my opinion) before the next election cycle kicks off in earnest. At her current pace Palin risks flaming out before the real contests begin. A little less would be greatly appreciated.


jill said...

Carol, I like her too. I still see her as the anti-Obama, and that's the highest of praise. But how much is enough?

Carol said...

Jill, I worry that Palin will hit the point of diminishing returns. She has a message that needs to be heard but if "Palin exhaustion" sets in people will quit listening. One thing I wish she would do is stick to her message and leave her critics flap in the wind. I don't think she should respond at all. The flame war she has going with the Republican establishment would simply flicker out if she just ignored them. For example, I think Barbara Bush really diminished herself when she took a swipe at Palin. If I were Palin I would respond to any questions about the remark by putting on that big smile of hers and saying, "I think that Mrs. Bush is a lovely woman" and I would keep repeating that line, without any hint of sarcasm, until people realized that it was the only answer that they are going to get.

The fact is that Sarah Palin is immensely popular and she gets a lot of attention. If she wants to add to the political discourse she should stay focused on presenting solutions.

Just a conservative girl said...

I think she has already hit that point of diminished returns. The whole Bristol on dancing with the stars, the reality show that she says in not a reality show. I have had about enough. And like Jill, I like her and her message.

I think that the thing that I am the most distrubed about is how you can't say anything about her without being called names. Barbara Bush was asked a direct question and she answered it. I don't look at Mrs. Bush as a blueblood or part of the republican establishment. She is the wife and mother of a former president, who has a right to her opinion. Why does anyone care what she thinks? She has no power inside the party anymore, if she really did. Mrs. Bush is very well known for speaking her mind and being blunt.

Carol said...

I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Barbara Bush at one of Jeb's campaign stops when he was running for governor. I only spoke to her for a moment but she was absolutely charming. She reminds me of my Mom who is, putting it mildly, blunt. I wish Mrs. Bush had been more tactful when asked about Palin but even more I wish that Palin had not responded. It simply wasn't necessary.

I think the Dancing with the Stars thing is a big reason I am experiencing Palin burnout. I mean, when did politics get so darned silly? Let's save the silliness for the Left-they seem to absolutely bathe in it.

Hopefully this too will pass.