Monday, August 2, 2010

Dearie me, the hayseeds are at it AGAIN!

Poor Prof. Bainbridge!  It seems the hayseeds and what nots keep expressing themselves and it is all so embarrassing!  What can an upperclassman do?  (I was going to insert a T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII reference here but I was beaten to the punch)

DaTechguy does an incredible job of answering Bainbridge's 10 point lament leaving me free to simply vent.

I have little patience for those who believe that participation in the democratic process should be reserved for the elite.  Typically, the process has been left for the "betters" and we see how that has worked out.  No more.

So dear Professor, when you hear the words "Mama grizzlies" does it sound like finger nails on a blackboard?  Good.  Get used the sound because it is going to get louder.  If you are embarrassed then do run along and hunker down with Chuckles, Andy and Kathleen.  Oh, and don't let the barn door hit you on the ass.

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