Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck, Mom and Dad, and "The Media"

I came across this video from Reason TV at Instapundit.  Just an aside, earlier I was at my parent's house and they were all upset by the rally coverage, or lack thereof, in the St. Pete Times (I quit reading the Tampa Tribune about two years ago, my parents cancelled their subscription to the Trib about a year ago).  I told Mom and Dad that I had quit worrying about "the media".  That deal is sealed and frankly, there are just too many alternatives these days to lose sleep over the biases of any particular outlet.  "The media" will eventually adapt or it will die.  Either way, it doesn't affect my life.  I'm old enough, and my parents are certainly old enough, to remember when journalism was an honorable profession and when journalists, whether in print or television, were respected and trusted.  That journalists decided to flush their integrity down the toilet and become agenda pushers instead makes my parents angry.  For my part, I'm angry that my parents feel let down by so many of the institutions they once cherished.  More of my ramblings after the video:

I thought that Gillespie did a fairly good job here though I doubt that Beck rallies are "his thing".  He mentioned that some in the crowd were a bit "inarticulate" in expressing why they were at the rally or what changes they might want to see.  Hey, we're not all English majors and having a microphone and camera in one's face can throw anyone off their game.  Still, he met the "fair and balanced" criteria.  I think the message is that freedom is achieved through self-reliance and that our strength as individuals and our belief that we, each of us, has the ability to succeed comes from a higher power.  And that higher power is not Uncle Sam.

Read the rest of Instapundit's roundup.

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