Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Did Charlie Crist Return Jim Greer's Money?

When Charlie Crist split from the Republican party he was quite clear that he would not return any money that had been donated to his campaign fund. His position was that the money had been donated to Charlie Crist the man, not Charlie Crist the RINO. There’s been a small change in plans, at least where it concerns $10,000 donated to Crist by the disgraced former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and Crist best buddy, Jim Greer. Greer has asked Crist for his money back and Crist has returned it:

TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Charlie Crist's independent U.S. Senate campaign is refunding nearly $10,000 to Jim Greer after the indicted former Republican Party chairman asked for the money to help pay for his legal defense. ``As you know circumstances have caused me to need money to defend myself and take care of my family,'' Greer wrote in an Aug. 5 letter. ``I know sending the money back is hard, but with what has happened it may be politically beneficial for you to do.''

Greer, 48, faces six felony charges, including organized fraud and money laundering, after authorities said he used a secret fundraising contract to funnel party donations to a consulting firm he owned.
So Mr. and Mrs. Average Floridian, no refund for you but a rat like Greer, no problem. A hint as to why Crist would refund Greer’s money can be found in this from Greer’s letter to Crist:

``Charlie over the last three years, I did all that I was asked to do by you and others. Your goals were my goals. When all of the others abandoned you, I remained loyal.''
Greer is still, for the time being, remaining loyal. But in some circles loyalty can be bought. Actually, $10,000 sounds cheap.

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