Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poor Thing! All That Botox Has Seeped into Her Brain

From Danie Foster at The Corner

From ABC’s The Week:

AMANPOUR: “Are you nervous about November?”

PELOSI: “No, I’m not nervous at all — ”

AMANPOUR: “Not at all?”


Oh come on, Nancy!  Unless she was heavily medicated during the interview or she is just plain delusional there is no way she isn't just a tad bit sh*tin' in her britches.  Maybe she is counting heavily on voter fraud.  Maybe she is hoping for an alien invasion.  The Dems in the House are so desperate they have resorted to cheap tricks to ensure that they lose votes that they could have easily won just to score political points.  Who does she think she is kidding with the "not worried" crap?

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