Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is Your Congressman a Member of the Democratic Socialists of America?

The Socialist Party of America has released the list of seventy Democratic congressman who are members of the Socialist Party.  Check the list at Gateway Pundit to see if your congressman is a member.  Here in Florida we have three on the list:  Corrine Brown (FL-03), Alan Grayson (FL-08) and Robert Wexler (FL-19).  No big surprise.

Keep this list in mind the next time you hear Obama scoff at the notion that he is pushing a radical socialist agenda.  Also keep in mind that this list wasn't leaked, it was released.  This means that each of the congressmen on the list feel comfortable with their affiliation with the Socialist Party and feel no need to hide that affiliation. 

These people are trying to fundamentally change the direction and character of our country.  We need to stand together in November and deliver the message that we are a free country and Socialists have no place in our government.


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