Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taxpayers: The Bottomless Money Pit

Pay up, Sucker!  I just heard on the news that SIXTY rooms have been reserved at a primo resort for Michelle and Sasha's mother/daughter jaunt to Spain.  Does anybody think that might be just a bit excessive? 

I don't begrudge the First Lady a vacation, though it does seem that there has been no shortage of those, but I do begrudge elected officials and their families behaving like royalty.  Too many in this country don't know where the next meal is going to come from while Michelle is channeling Marie Antoinette. 

A little bit of decorum from the First Family would be greatly appreciated.  A little bit of recognition of, and respect for, the struggles of American families is in order.   And while we're at it, the Obama's need to quit using the taxpayers as their personal bottomless money pit.

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