Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prepare to be SHOCKED!

You may want to sit down for this and have an aspirin ready in case you suddenly develop chest pains.

Take a moment to recover.

What, you're not completely verklempt at the sight of a minaret on the RNC's convention logo?  Somebody is going to be very disappointed:

The extremist, left-wing site Talking Points Memo (better known as TPM) thought it had a zinger of a story about the “RNC’s 2012 convention logo.” The logo, TPM crows, seems to have *GASP* a Muslim minaret in it. TPM even helpfully added a copy of the logo with a nice red arrow to the “minaret” image to help its readers determine which graphic element was the minaret (as seen to your right).

What is the subliminal message, TPM wonders? What nefarious motives could the GOP possibly have to include a Muslim icon in their logo? What is going on here TPM demands to know!
What the RNC is "up to" is accurately depict the Tampa skyline, right down to the incredibly butt ugly "Beer Can" building on the left of the logo next to the funky palm tree. 

For those of you not from around these parts, the minaret is not part of a mosque but instead graces the Henry Plant Museum at the University of Tampa.  Actually a very nice building.  The bigger question is how desperate is the Left when they stoop to trying to create a controversy out of a logo? 

Is this the level of childish dribble we are going to be subjected to for the next two years?  How lame are these dweebs?  Check out this comment from DemConWatch:

Should this become an issue with the Tea Party it will only confirm just how crazy the Republican party has become.
And if it doesn't become an issue with the Tea Party then it shows that they have no intellectual coherence.
Yeah, cause you know, a building in Tampa and the Ground Zero Mosque are like you know, same/same.  Come on, kids.  Even you can come up with something better than this.

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