Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Charlie Should Have Done UPDATED

The short answer is that Charlie should have done the exact opposite of what he has done.  He should have run for second term as governor.  Then he should have ran against Bill Nelson for the Senate in the next go around.  Too late for that now.  Right about now Charlie is right in between the proverbial rock and hard place.  Exhibit A:
Oopsie!  What's a Oompa Loompa to do? 
Crist nightmare? Rubio agrees to seven debates

Soon after Charlie Crist agreed to participate in an Oct. 24 debate presented by CNN and the St. Petersburg Times, Marco Rubio upped the ante by agreeing to that debate - and six more. The first would be on NBC's Meet the Press Sept. 5.

Charlie Crist is almost always good on TV, but this poses a real problem for him. In a three-person debate, it would be Rubio and Meek each taking turns hitting Crist and pressing him on flip-flops and inconsistencies. It's hard to stay above the fray when you're the main target.

But skipping most of the debates is equally problematic. If Meek agrees to these debates and the networks agree to televise them with or without all three candidates, Crist would be letting Meek raise his profile as the Democratic alternative to Rubio.
Charlie has burned his bridges with the Right.  He has to have the Left to have any chance of winning.  But how does he win the Left without turning off the Middle?  Conundrum time.

This is the kind of problem a politician has when he has no actual principals to stand on.


Intrigue in the Vineyard!  Did Charlie meet Barry?  What did they talk about?  Will Barry string Charlie along or throw Kendrick under the bus?  Have you ever seen a finer looking couple?

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