Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will Obama Give Credit Where Credit is Due? Doubtful.

The nice thing about being on vacation, or in this case, a mini vacation, I saw the following exchange between Gretchen Carlson and Robert Gibbs as it happened.  In my rush to get things done before I return to work tomorrow, I forgot about until I came across this video at Common Cents:

Until Obama gives his big speech tonight we will not know if he gives credit where credit is do and admits that back in 2007 he, Obama, was wrong about the war in Iraq and President Bush was absolutely right.  My guess-not a chance in Hell.

Obama is a complete narcissist.  He blames everyone else for anything that goes wrong and takes credit for everything that goes right, whether he had a hand in it or not.  Problem is, videos like the one above, and so many more, document Obama's previous positions for all time.  Obama should show Bush a kindness but it really doesn't matter if he doesn't.  In the end, history will judge the two men and their presidencies.  I suspect, Bush will come out wy ahead in the long run. 


commoncents said...

THANKS FOR THE HAT TIP!! Enjoy your vacation... you are taking 3 in August... right??

Common Cents

Carol said...

Doesn't everyone take three in August? No, seriously. I've been at my current job long enough that I get four weeks a year. Now that I don't have kids at home I take a couple of days here and couple there. Even at that, I don't get in as many vacations as Obama.