Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ass Backwards

Ed Schultz took off on an illogical rant about our need as a country to take care of the poor.  His solution:  more.  And if we don't do more, we are at risk of becoming a third world country.  As usual, Ed has it ass backwards.  The way to conquer poverty is not by giving people a home, or food stamps, or any other form of subsistence.  The way to "cure" poverty is to give people an opportunity. 

Opportunity begins with education.  Whether it is college or a training program, graduation affords people the opportunity to become self-sufficient.  In order for the opportunity to become reality, there must be jobs.  Right now, employers are afraid to employ anyone due to uncertainty over taxes and the cost associated with ObamaCare. 

Schultz is correct that we are in danger of becoming a third world country but it is because we are spending, taxing and regulating our way in to poverty.  Schultz should be calling for government to get off business's back but he would rather throw money at the problem.  Preferably, yours and mine.

h/t Breitbart TV

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