Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Moderate Voice Might Want to Rethink the Analogy

Jerry K. Remmers, writing in The Moderate Voice, sounded anything but when he came up with this nonsense:

CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer, in the fertile mind of Fox’s Megyn Kelly, destroyed journalism as we know it for not asking Atty. Gen. Eric Holder about the New Black Panther scandal intimidating voters at a Philadelphia precinct in November 2008.

Schieffer said he was on vacation the week Kelly and Fox unloaded on the Panthers as viciously as police turned fire hoses on civil rights demonstrators during the 1960s.
Judging from Remmers picture he is certainly old enough, though obviously not bright enough, to know what a dumb ass analogy that is. There is a fine line between cleaver and hack and comparing the telling of new story to a negative historical event crosses that line.

I can’t tell if Remmers believes that reporters shouldn’t report or if he would simply prefer that all news stories get prior approval from a central source located in, oh, I don’t know-the Obama Administration. The left wing media has been playing the Black Panther story off like it is some silly distraction concocted by the Right and that voter intimidation is really just no big deal. Funny, I seem to remember a few years ago that perceived voter “disenfranchisement” in Florida during a different Presidential election was a real big deal. What has changed?

What has changed is that people like Remmers don’t believe in equal rights or equal protection on the law unless it suits them. It is safe to assume that it will suit them once again as soon as the Republicans take back the reins.

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