Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Flummoxing of Matthews

I am sitting here trying to figure out what to make of this from Chris Matthews’ interview of Representative Bob Inglis :

MATTHEWS: How do you figure your state out? It's pretty conservative obviously. It's Strom Thurmond country in many ways and, and it has people like DeMint pretty far over and then people like Lindsey Graham who are sort of regular conservatives.(Note: by “regular conservatives” I believe that Matthews is referring to those who campaign as Republicans and legislate as Democrats) But then you nominated, your party has nominated an Indian-American woman, Nikki Haley. Obviously an attractive candidate, she knows how to present herself obviously, but what's that about? Is that just an interesting little aspect? "It's okay to be Indian-American but we got a problem with this black president?" What's that about?
Matthews is confused because Conservatives are not being consistent in their racism. Matthews would do well to avoid our Florida elections lest his head explode. Down here we are pro-Rubio (Hispanic), pro-Adams (Black), pro-West (Black) and anti Obama all at the same time. Someone not of Matthews’ impressive intellectual heft might conclude that the objection to Obama lies in something other than race.  Matthews isn't falling for that trap.  No, Matthews would say without a hint of irony that by virtue of their conservatism Rubio, Adams, West, etc., aren't "real" minorities.  When the facts don't fit the narrative, facts be damned!
The problem with hiding behind the race card is that reality can't be checked.  Matthews and his followers haven't figured that out yet.  But if Matthews is confused now, I am betting that he will be downright flummoxed come November. 

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