Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time to Sober Up

Smitty has a great post at The Other McCain regarding Rep. Paul Ryan and his Roadmap.  According to a recent Gallup poll, six out ten Americans state that they don't expect to see one penny from Social Security.  We know that entitlements are swallowing up our federal budget yet, with the exception of Ryan, none of our leaders is offering a plan to save this country from total fiscal meltdown. 

Both parties got us in this mess.  From where I stand it appears that there is only a half-hearted effort on the part of the Republican party and no effort on the part of Democrats to clean up decades of unsustainable government growth.  The answer is the ballot box. 

We should make some good gains this November but if those of us who believe in a return to the Constitution and smaller government rest on our laurels we might as well not pick up a single seat.  We can not afford to put Charlie Crist in to the United States Senate this November.  We simply cannot afford to return BIG GOVERNMENT Loving, Tea Party dismissing Lindsey Graham to Senate when his current term blessedly expires.  We cannot afford to blindly vote for every slick talking RINO that come down the path.

We do indeed have a roadmap out of this mess but it will do us no good unless we have the guts to insist that our elected officials follow it.  We have been spending like drunk sailors and like all drunks, we all have one hellava hang over.  Sobering up won't be easy but we have to take that first painful step now. 

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