Friday, July 23, 2010

The Poodle Pontificates

The Sex Crazed Poodle formerly known as Al Gore sees the scam work of a life time slipping away and he’s not going down without a fight (no pun intended):

The need to solve the climate crisis and transition to clean energy has never been more clear. The oil is still washing up on the shores of the Gulf Coast and we've just experienced the hottest six months on record. Our troops are fighting and dying in the Middle East and our economy is still struggling to produce jobs. I continue to urge the president to provide leadership on this issue and urge the Senate to make this issue a priority for the remainder of this Congress. Ultimately — and sooner rather than later — these issues simply must be dealt with. Our national security, our economic recovery and the future of the United States of America — and indeed the future of human civilization on this Earth — depends on our country taking leadership. And that, in turn, depends on the United States Senate acting. The truth about the climate crisis — inconvenient as ever — must be faced.
Seems poor Al is just predestined to come up short. Al’s fellow travelers are in deep trouble and they are well aware that even the slightest breeze blowing from the wrong direction is all that is necessary to send them tumbling off a very steep cliff. They are not interested in risking their already tenuous careers to line Al’s pockets:

Supposedly it’s merely a scheduling move, aimed at pushing the C&T debate into the fall when the Senate calendar is less crowded.

Really, though? Democrats, who are already terrified of losing Congress, are going to surf into the midterms with an eleventh-hour push for a hugely expensive new bill related to … global warming? With the GOP already armed with ad-ready video of Obama talking about how it’ll make energy prices “skyrocket”? Radical prediction: Reid’s going to end up deciding in September that the schedule’s still a little too “crowded” to take this up.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will bring a limited package of oil spill response and energy measures to the floor next week, delaying action until at least this fall on a broader proposal that would impose greenhouse gas limits on power plants, senior Senate Democratic aides said.

Aides insisted Reid’s decision is a nod to the packed floor schedule the Senate faces before it leaves in two weeks for the August recess, and that he has not abandoned plans to try and bring up a broader climate and energy plan later in the year…

For now, the limited package expected on the floor this month will likely allow Democrats to push through a response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill — such as tougher rig safety requirements — and perhaps some energy provisions that members of both parties could support.
The old “scheduling move” ploy, eh? More likely, Reid & Co. have finally figured out that the American public is not having one more bite of the Democratic crap sandwich. In any case, Al’s personal inconvenient truth is that his Global Warming shtick has played itself out. Time to move on.

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