Sunday, July 18, 2010

Racism as a Tool

In the Washington Examiner David Limbaugh lists a litany of events since the 2008 Presidential election that shows that Barack Obama is not out post racial but most racial president by far. Limbaugh concludes with a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll that shows that the public’s belief that Obama has advanced racial relations as fallen from 6 in 10 who believe that relations have improved to 4 in 10. Nice job, Barry.

Referring to the DOJ’s mishandling of the Black Panther case John McWhorter, whose excellent PJTV interview with Joe Hicks can be seen here, said:

"The Obama folks should realize that they are enabling [the idea] that rules of civility are different for black people. It's a tired idea, and America is less tolerant of it by the year," said the Manhattan Institute's John McWhorter, who simultaneously dismissed the Panthers as "a bunch of grown men medicated on photos of Huey Newton playing cops and robbers."
Well that is the rub, isn’t it? There no longer appears to be equal justice under the law. Progressives view this as a “comeuppance” for a history of unequal treatment suffered by blacks. It is a backwards looking view. We can move backwards but why would anyone want to?

There are absolutely pockets of racism in this country but overall, the thought that this country is engrossed in institutional racism is, as McWhorter says in the PJTV interview, antiquated. By trying to revive the racism boogeyman Obama appears to be giving mouth to mouth to a long dead dog. Don't let appearances fool you, "racism" is one of the most powerful tools Obama has.

Racism is being used by this administration to distract the public from noticing that Obama has been a gawd awful failure. If you point out that the Stimulus didn’t stimulate, you are a racist. If you say that ObamaCare is a government infringement of individual rights, you are a racist. The same is true for the administration’s totally inept handling of the Gulf spill crisis and the Arizona immigration law debacle. The minute you point out any flaw in this administration, you are a racist.

Of course the only answer is to swear absolute fealty to Lord Obama. Anything less is, well, you know…

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