Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Political Hanky Panky in FL-25

Babalu is reporting political hanky panky of the non-John Edwards variety in So. Florida:

At the GOP Executive Meeting last month, each candidate was given two minutes to speak. Paul Crespo went slightly over his two-minute time, spending the extra time "respectfully" asking for David Rivera's resignation from his Miami-Dade GOP leadership position. Shortly after Crespo stepped off the podium, he was confronted by at least two local police officers for what in all indications was merely for speaking over his time limit.

The Shark Tank is all over this story and has a video released by Crespo which shows that Miami-Dade GOP leadership may have played a direct role in asking police officers to approach Crespo after his speech.

If the video even remotely captures the true events which unfolded that evening, it's a huge shame to the GOP leadership in Miami-Dade County and a prime reflection of the spreading of the political-establishment-cancer from Washington to other precincts. This incident needs to get out beyond South Florida because it illustrates the corruption in our political establishment, regardless of party, and why we need to get behind candidates who aren't beholden to their political parties.

Here's the link once again to the video released by Crespo's camp. Take a close look at it and decide for yourself.
Corruption is corruption whether it comes from the Left or the Right.  The majority of problems we are experiencing in this country stem from politicians who have come to believe that they are entitled to their office and an electorate that has given them a pass.  The day of the party machine have passed.  These are the days of We the People.

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