Monday, July 5, 2010

Freedom Ain't Free

We have become so damned politically correct in this country that we sit on our thumbs until something horrific happens.  On Tuesday two Tampa police officers were killed by a twenty-four year old who had been arrested 18 times.  Once for attempted murder.  At the age of twenty-four he had been in prison-twice.  He was released in April and when arrested late Thursday evening he was charged with THREE deaths.  In addition to the deaths of the two police officers he was charged with shooting another man in the back as the victim walked back to his apartment with his laundry.  The killer is also suspected in two other murders-that is five murders since his release in April. 

The following video, via Don Surber, has nothing to do with the murder of the two officers in Tampa.  I simply ask you,  don't we owe our officers more?  Don't we owe the men and women who put their lives on the line for us something besides lip service?  If you don't like the laws then change them.  But in the mean time, support the law as written and those charged with enforcing them.  Do not disparage the men and women who face death to keep us safe.

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