Friday, July 9, 2010

Million$ of Reason$ Why $igning With Miami I$ $mart

I'm a huge basketball fan, in March, and only if my University of Kentucky Wildcats are Sweet Sixteen bound.  In other words, I have no skin in the whole LeBron James hoopla.  That said, James made one very smart move. 

James hasn't signed a contract yet but I've heard he is looking at one hundred million dollars boosted to upwards of one billion dollars when endorsements are factored in.  Based on the billion dollar figure, what would it cost James to play in the other cities that were wooing him?

Cleveland would cost him $62,400,000; Chicago, $30,000,000; New Jersy, $107,500,000; New York, $89,700,000.  That as they say, is a whole lot of scratch.  Unlike the other venues vying for James, Florida has no state income taxes.  Whatever James ultimately earns, he will keep more of the money he earns in his pocket to use however he sees fit. 

I have no idea what James will spend all that money on but if he chooses, he will have $62,400,000 more to give to the Boys and Girls Club that he supports by moving to Miami versus staying in Cleveland.  Instead of being mad at James for leaving, Cleveland fans should be mad at a state government that thinks the state should decide how the citizens of Ohio spend 6.24 percent of the income that the citizens earn. 

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