Sunday, July 25, 2010

Morgan Freeman Knows how to End Racism

I came across this at Don Surber's and at first Morgan's solution sounded a bit simplistic to me.  The more I thought about his words the more sense they made.  We seem to have had a re-emergence of the "other".  Everything, every event, every decision made since January 2008 has been framed by race.  Are we better off for it?

Morgan was speaking to something bigger than Black History month but that is good place to start.  Did the whole of the black man's contribution to American history occur in a single month or is it interwoven with our nation's story as a whole?  Why do we separate out the black man's contribution from the "big picture" and relegate it to a single month?

As a country we have arrived where we are together.  Our history should be told as a whole, without segregation, as it occurred.  If we teach our children about the growth of our country from infancy to today with attention to fact, the story of all of our citizens will be told.  Yes, some of our history is shameful.  We do no one any good by playing those periods down or by playing them up.  Instead, just tell it and allow all to be proud of our accomplishments and how far we have come. 

I read a comment the other day that said that because of Barack Obama it will be a hundred years before this country will elect another black man as president.  Really?  I think that Obama has set our race relations way, way back because of the way he couches everything in race in opposition to reality or even common sense but his policy failures have nothing to do with the color of his skin.  He embraces a failed ideology that is also embarrassed by Axlerod, Emanuel, Pelosi, Reid, etc.  His ideology doesn't have a color.  If Americans blame Obama's lack of leadership on the color of his skin and use that broken logic to prevent others whose only connection to Obama is the color of their skin from fully contributing to our society, we will be much the worse for it.

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