Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cream Rises to the Top and Clabbers

I have no idea where I read that but it is obviously a takeoff on the Peter Principal:  People rise to their level of incompetence.  Certainly true of our current president.

Unemployment at 9.9%.  Check
Foreclosures at an all time high.  Check
Communities and the verge of bankruptcy.  Check

How does our esteemed leader respond?  He transforms the White House into a night club and parties like its 1999. 

Paraphrasing Pundette, Obama believes that he can buy class.  Wrong.  His glitzy attempt comes off as a Chicago version of the Beverly Hillbillies do South Beach.  To the Beverly Hillbillies' credit, they were (a) spending their own money and (b) fictional.  Obama and his 'crew' are all too real and it is our money they are throwing around, not theirs.

I have one word for the president:  austerity.  Try it, the rest of us are living it every day.

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