Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everything I Know About Che I Learned from Reading Babalu UPDATED

Ah yes, what would an immigration rally be without the obligatory Che flags, posters and tee shirts?  I really didn't know very much about Che Guevara before I started reading Babalu.  Appropriate in the context of yesterday's rallies is this quote I came across at Babalu:

Mexicans are a rabble of illiterate indians.” (Ernersto “Che” Guevara, June 1956.)

I strongly suspect that those who honored Che at yesterday's rallies (and elsewhere) are as ignorant of Che as I once was.  The difference is, I never lifted up Guevara as a hero.  If you are going to site someone as a shining example of freedom, you should, at the very least, learn the truth about what your hero represents.

Besides Babalu, is a excellent source.

Technically, May 1st is celebrated as "Workers Day" but in addition to celebrating Communism, Arizona's immigration law was the cause of the day.   With that in mind, read George Moneo's post, A Fable.


More pictures, first from American Power:

And from Doug Ross:

And this:

Some how this doesn't look like a Tea Party rally yet, we're the dangerous ones who spout over-the-top anti-American rhetoric.   Right.  I don't guess that it would occur to any of these morons that they aren't exactly helping their cause by carrying signs that call for the deaths of "US Imperial-Fascists"  also known as "tax paying citizens." 

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