Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your "No Sh*t" Post of the Day

Via Instapundit:

Democrats Are Manipulating the Marchers

Amnesty isn't going to happen anytime soon. Democrats should stop holding effective border control hostage to a legalization plan they're using to rev up the Latino vote.

Participants in Saturday's pro-amnesty marches are being used by the Democratic party elite, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mickey Kaus charged today.

"There is not going to be an amnesty this year, or next year. The majority of the American people don't want it, for good reason. They want to secure the borders first," he said. "Amnesty before we secure the borders would only encourage yet another wave of illegals and hurt the wages of unskilled Americans (and legal immigrants)."

"But every time Democratic politicians in D.C. need to rev up the Latino vote, they dangle the false promise of an amnesty bill. At some point. Latino voters are going to realize they're being used." (emphasis added)
Why should Latinos realize that they are being used?  It has been decades and blacks haven't figured it out yet.  Anyway, isn't using groups what the Democratic party does as a matter of policy?  They've been stringing gays, women, blacks, and Latinos along forever but they do it with a sort of "smiley face fascism" that leads the targeted group to believe that they are being offered a hand up when in reality, the Dems keep a foot firmly planted on the small of their backs. 

I'm starting to like Mickey Kaus more and more.  California needs a strong dose of common sense and Kaus appears prepared to administer it. 

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